Our objective: healthy patients.
Our approach: a healthy relationship with hospitals.

Looking for distribution partners

Our company successfully established presences in several countries within Europe over the past years.

Now with our next generation instruments for VERTICALE and ROCCIA to be launched shortly and additional implants which will come to market beginning of 2016, we want to expand our global presence as well.

If you are a distributor and you want to establish a reliable and successful partnership with Silony Medical, please fill out the short questionnaire and we will be more than happy to get in touch with you.

Perfect patient treatment
starts with perfect treatment in the hospital.

The demand for greater performance and availability in modern medical engineering is increasing worldwide. It can therefore happen that products or services are standardised across continents without taking local needs into account. Globally developed, highly complex systems often overshoot the mark from the perspective of users and buyers: they are perfect for certain applications, but often too complex or too expensive for regular use in hospital routines.

In both cases the result is less than perfect; it is a compromise. This can harm the business relationship between the hospital and the manufacturer – a circumstance which should definitely not impact on the wellbeing of the patient.

We founded Silony to reverse this situation and to counteract the trend. Silony develops and manufactures implant and instrument systems that are tailor-made to meet the requirements of the patients, physicians and hospital staff and which can be customised wherever required.

We stand for commitment, integrity and team work, seek cooperation based on partnership with our customers and always welcome constructive criticism. Together, we want to – and will – make things better! 

Our utmost priority is the health of your patients.
And this should be in safe hands.

Developed for your hospital.
Manufactured to top quality.

Our job is the health and safety of your patients. We support you, as a physician, with all means available to us. Our implants and instruments are designed to allow the treating physician to focus fully on his/her work. We make complex interventions simpler and turn minor procedures into child's play for experts.

When it comes to quality, we do not believe in any form of compromise. Being a young company, our quality must be beyond reproach at all times. But what does quality actually mean? We develop and manufacture our products in line with the latest insights into medicine and technology and only use tried and tested materials. Our products are "Made in Germany“ and all our sites are certified to ISO 13485.

But holistic quality is more than just a DIN standard. It is present in our development processes, in product design, in service, in logistics, in our fast response times and many other aspects of our actions. We have established excellent quality management across the entire value chain with well thought-out and lean processes.

We also live up to a central set of values: commitment and integrity, team work and quality without compromises. Every employee at Silony is highly motivated and committed to achieving better results for all involved. 

We are a young company. 
With a wealth of experience.

Who else has more than 400 years of experience during
 the founding phase?

We are young – and that is a good thing. We are not burdened by the past, have no deeply rooted traditions and no "we have always done it this way" attitudes. Our development can start on a blank slate, which gives us maximum freedom to do things the way we see them to meet the ideas of our users.


Silony Medical International AG
President of the Board of Directors: Hubert Seitz
Member of the Board of Directors: Constantin Schön
Member of the Board of Directors and
Managing Director: Marcus Kerwin 
Managing Director: Olaf Reich, Dr. Christoph Engelbrecht

Silony Medical Europe GmbH
Managing Directors: Hubert Seitz, Dr. Christoph Engelbrecht

Silony Medical GmbH
Managing Directors: Hubert Seitz, Marc Sanders

Silony Medical Ltd.
Managing Directors: Olaf Reich, Dr. Christoph Engelbrecht

Silony Medical Corp.
Managing Directors: Dr. Christoph Engelbrecht

Founded: 2012
Employees: 84
Sites: 5
ISO-certified: since 2012