dolfyn® TLIF Cage: Anatomical design for anterior positioning.

The dolfyn® cage is a sterile intervertebral implant that can achieve the desirable fusion of two vertebral bodies as a result of its insertion into the disc space in the lumbar or lumbosacral region. It has an anatomically adapted congruence and is specially designed for the anterior position.

The cage can be used together with a posterior screw and rod system and, if necessary, with an anterior plate as well. It is suitable for autografts / allografts filling and helps to preserve the vertebral body height of the spinal segment that was operated on and can also facilitates the subsequent osteosynthesis.

dolfyn® TLIF Cage: Anatomisches Design für die ventrale Platzierung.

Size 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm
length 28 mm BM-DTI2806 BM-DTI2808 BM-DTI2810 BM-DTI2812 BM-DTI2814
length 32 mm BM-DTI3206 BM-DTI3208 BM-DTI3210 BM-DTI3212 BM-DTI3214