The structured cages of a new generation

The Oyster® Cage is a sterile, highly porous, 3D printed titanium intervertebral implant that can be inserted into the cervical spine to create the desired fusion of two vertebral bodies and preserve the intervertebral disc height of the operated spinal column segment.

It has an anatomical and wedge-shaped design and can be used in combination with an anterior plate.

The 3D printing technology combines the features of an open-pore design for rapid growth with the ability to incorporate bone material and the significant reduction of image artifacts in diagnostic imaging, by reducing the volume of material.

A summary of the benefits

Relative elasticity of endplates, pore size 2-4 μm

Mesh macro structure 73% air, 27% titanium

Pore size 650 μm

Hollow cavity allowing potential injection of bonegraft

Relative elasticity of endplates

Low artefacts in CT and MRI due to low density

Teeth for primary fixation

Hight:                4/5/6/7/8/9 mm (10 mm on demand)
Length x width: 14 x 15 mm, 14 x 17 mm und 16 x 17 mm
Lordosis:           5°

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