The transmaxx® cage is a sterile intervertebral implant, which is positioned into the vertebral disc space of the lumbar or lumbo-sacral region to achieve the desirable fusion of two vertebral bodies. It features an anatomically balanced shape, specially designed for the ventral position.

The cage can be used in combination with a posterior screw-rod system and, if applicable, also with an anterior plate. It is suitable for autograft / allograft filling, helps preserve the vertebral body height of the spinal segment that was operated on and can also facilitate the subsequent osteosynthesis.

The advantages at the glance

Relative elasticity of endplates, pore size 2-4 μm

Mesh macro structure 73% air, 27% titanium

Pore size 650 μm

Hollow cavity allowing potential injection of bonegraft

Relative elasticity of endplates

Low artefacts in CT and MRI due to low density

Teeth for primary fixation

Hight:                6/8/10/12/14 mm
Length x width: 23 x 25 mm, 26 x 28 mm, 28 x 34 mm und 28 x 38 mm
Lordosis:           0°, 10°, 15°