VERTICALE Uniplanar screws:
for a given direction.

The VERTICALE uniplanar screw combines the lateral stiffness of a monoaxial screw with the craniocaudal flexibility of a polyaxial screw.

Reduction head. All screw variants are also available as long head screws (reduction screws).

Slim and flat head design. A very firm connection to the instrument allows easy insertion of the screw.

Lateral stiffness. This provides for controlled connection of the other system components. The unipolar angulation is 52°.

4.95 mm screw neck diameter. Lends the screw the necessary stability.

Quatro flanks. The proximal shaft section increases bone anchorage in the pedicle.

Double-lead thread. The 5 mm thread pitch facilitates rapid insertion, because the pitch of the thread is larger than in single leads threads, so per revolution the insertion depth is about twice of a single lead thread.

Cannulated and fenestrated shaft. Allows reliable application of bone cement. All screw variants are available with a solid shaft design.

Self-tapping screw tip. The distal cut on the shaft provides good initial grip and supports screw insertion.